Window functions in SQL provide a window of opportunity for data engineers to minimize effort and time by quickly wiring SQL queries to business calculations. Window functions in RDBMS can solve critical problems smoothly which is difficult using basic SQL querying. Window functions involve -

a) Function name like sum, avg, min, max, lead, lag, row_no, rank, dense_rank, ntile etc.

b) Over clause and within over clause is where you specify frame of calculation using clauses like partition by, order by and rows or ranges in between.

c) Alias name assigned to the final calculated frame.

Syntax: Window_Function_Name(parameters) Over(Window_Frame) AS…

We are all searching for something. We always have been. Some might for some great discovery to come up with others might within themselves looking underneath what and why they were sent into this beautiful world.

Well, we all know people looking for discoveries knows what they want — like researchers or scientists. Good for them.

Albert Einstein

What about others? Have we all reached there yet?

We see one in every five people own a smart phone. There are more than 1B people in the world. Our devices have become an extension of ourselves — they are our company in some of the most monumental, meaningful and intimate experiences of our lives.

We carry them everywhere with us . We keep them near us while we sleep . We invite them to dinner . We clutch them tightly when we meet people. In midst of all we dont realize what we have actually missed .

Technology’s pervasiveness seemed innocuous at first. But now a five-minute walk…

Peggie Mishra

Data Engineering, Reading, Philosophy

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